Making A House Your Home

Madewell by Jason Davis &
Madewell by Jason Davis Real Estate

New Construction

We concentrate mostly on residential construction with a small portion of commercial work each year. We are also well experienced in pole barn construction.


Kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, finishing basements, handicap accommodation, door installations, decks, and floor plan modifications.


Porch, bedroom, deck, basement, garage & living area additions, and various other home improvements.


We focus primarily on cabinets, decks, book cases, built -in storage options, porches, & sunrooms.

Residential Real Estate

We specialize in new construction lots & finding houses that need some TLC & updating.

We live & build where you live

We want to help our community live a blessed, enriched life where all of us can thrive together.

We take your project, implement our ideas & craftsmanship & bring them to life.
We utilize the space of your project to ensure you’re getting the most cost effective finished product. We understand how to implement energy saving methods into your project. We believe in doing business thats honest, forthright, & backed by a mans solemn vow.
Our company knows that its reputation & livelihood are something that’s earned through diligent hard work & attention to details. All of our projects are backed with an 18 month workmanship warranty. All of our appliances or automated products are warrantied by the manufacturer.
“We found the estimates reasonable and Jason went above and beyond in helping us understand exactly what we were paying for.”
“The contract was fulfilled without interruption or delays and according to standards beyond our expectations. There is no question in my mind about Jason Davis’s building or contract management expertise.”
“I am happy & confident in attesting to Jason’s good hearted and honest nature.”