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I wanted to offer some easy low cost energy tips for your family .  Most of these are easy & practical .

1. Seal the outside envelope of your home .  Doors , windows, fireplaces , vents , fans, & mechanical penetrations can be easy avenues for outside air to make its way in .  The U. S. Department of Energy stresses the importance controlling air movement . Use caulking and expandable foam help to reduce air leakage .

2. Limit incandescent lighting .  Can lights are the most inefficient type of light fixture you can buy . The standard bulb uses a heated tungsten filament to produce light . This causes 75 % of the light to be lost as heat.  A compact fluorescent lamp uses 75 % less energy while lasting 10 times longer . Some can lights can’t have any insulation in contact with the light , thus creating an avenue for warm air at the ceiling to escape into the attic .  Furthermore,  there’s different types of trim rings that fit around the light housing & finished ceiling . Be sure to pick a ring that covers more of the housing so less air can escape .

3 . Choose high efficient HVAC equipment when it’s time to replace existing .  For example, there’s a $ 2200.00 price difference for a 90 %  high efficiency furnace & heat pump compared to 80 % unit  .  Most  utility companies offer a rebate  for the better equipment .  According to City Utilities of Springfield,  90 % efficient equipment saves you $ 481.00 per year when compared to equipment that’s 15 years old .  The standard life expectancy of a heating & cooling equipment is 25- 30 years.  My HVAC contractor says it will cost you $ .10 extra for  every dollar you spend  if you choose a 80 % over a 90 % system .

4. Check your attic insulation .   You need at least 14″ tall of insulation in your attic .  14″ equals an R-30 rating .  Adding insulation is easy , most companies will rent you a blower to install the insulation yourself .

5.  Install a programmable thermostat .  This feature will reduce the energy used to heat & cool your home while you aren’t at home .  Make sure to shut off the power supply before changing if you do this yourself .

6. Cover your existing foundation vents with foam insulation during the winter .  Doing this keeps cold air out of the crawl space .  Extruded polystyrene insulation offers an R-5  per each inch of thickness .

I hope this helps you stay comfy & keeps $ in your pockets !


Rogersville Remodel & Addition

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This project is a gem to showcase before & after pictures !!  The house is has new standing seam roof , new front porch, new back porch with an attached deck to the porch, & other interior work.

Start at the bottom to view oldest to newest.

Covered Deck

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This deck has an older style porch railing with wider baluster it give the porch a more traditional look.




Window shopping fun!

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There’s a plethora of different window options available for consumers these days!!  Wood, aluminum clad,  to vinyl laminated windows. How do you know what’s the best & the most important features of your new product?  If you are doing the work yourself, make sure you find a knowledgeable salesman from the supply company you are dealing with.  Start by asking questions about style, function , &  energy values.  Energy value  is one of the most important factors & how the ratings stack up against other offered windows!  One other question is do they qualify for the energy tax credit from the government? Yes, this is still available, however the credit is lower than prestimulus levels.

There’s two critical measuring sticks regarding windows & energy. The U-factor measures the non solar heat loss or gain through a window or skylight. The  lower the number, the better.  U- factor energy ratings for windows are opposite of the r-value used to measure insulation energy values. Think of U-factor as a two way street in that it measures heat gain from outside & heat loss from inside your house.  The solar heat gain coefficient measures the solar radiation through  a window.  Again. the lower number equates to less heat transfered into the inside of your house.  The SHGC can be thought of like a shading ability. Check with your supplier to see what climate zone you live in. This will ensure you that your windows meet the energy star standards for your region.

One other thought , think about cleaning  windows that are located on the second story height level!


What do I need to do to prepare for my kitchen renovation?

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You can start by getting a good idea for the type of look and style you want.

If you don’t know yet, look at some magazines, websites, or watch some home remodeling shows to get some design ideas.

Then, contact us for a Free Design Consultation with a Remodeling Consultant. Generally before construction begins, you’ll want to clear out the area being worked on of all your personal belongings that can be removed. Although, we cover the areas surrounding our work area, you’ll want to protect your furniture from dust with plastic and/or sheets.